Amarnath Earl Stimson

Tonight I went to a showing of my friend Amarnath Earl Stimson’s artwork here in Fairfield, Iowa.  

In my eyes (and heart), Earl is one of the most profoundly gifted visionary artists alive today.  His work has nourished me so deeply through the years, and continues to awe and inspire me in so many ways.  The world is truly blessed beyond blessed by his luminous presence here, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by incredible luminaries like Earl.

If you love what you see in this photo, you can click here to visit his website to see more.  


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I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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2 Responses to Amarnath Earl Stimson

  1. Hi Erin,
    Beautiful song, New Moon, on Barbara’s page led me here. I’m Earl’s uncle. He’s often spoken of you. Glad to meet you. I also write songs, among other things. You’ve got a soulful voice. Keep singing. Namaste

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