Please Give






If you would have asked me forty years ago, I would have certainly told you that the answer was “yes.”  But as I sit here tonight writing this, I am no longer so certain that this is actually correct.  You see, in between the marbles and the pavement there is actually quite a lot of space, and the finest fissures between two objects can hold eternity and even slide seamlessly into the narrow window between this world and the next.

Yes, approximately every other lifetime contains one of these mysterious openings where the dreamer awakens within the dream only to find that there is an opportunity to live in a courageous flow of river-turning bravery.

However, one must be very, very aware of the consequences of such a decision.  This is not to be thoughtlessly taken on as if such an adventure were just an ordinary thing.  There is an order and a very important alignment to all of this.  There is a web that is being woven of which you are an integral part, and to remove even the tiniest piece from this exquisite creation would have a profound effect on the wholeness.

So in speaking with my younger self, and in speaking with my future self, I have come to a very important conclusion about all of this.  There are never any accidents.

Now, I know that this almost sounds cliché to say, but please know that I mean this with the deepest sincerity.  Your sacred breath is breathing the entire world and giving life to the Universe itself.  Your holy inhalation is the fuel for the passion of everyone alive in this moment.  And your exhalations?  They are the sweet release, the complete letting go of the notions contrived by your spinning mind.

There is a space in which you can exist where the peace of God can fill and envelop you with flowing grace and the sublime ease of surrender. There is a way to live in which life is doing the living, and you are merely a vessel, an empty vehicle that the grace flows through.  The light of God is here right NOW, and you ARE this light.

YOU are the LIGHT of GOD.  Right here, right now.

Even one hundred years from now all of this will remain true and you will remember my words both because of their precision and their dream-like quality.  You will remember this moment as if recalling an incredible voyage in a faraway land, so distant that everything is misty with the dew drop veil of faded memory.

However, this too is important.  The forgetting and the remembering are one and the same, and you are truly a master already.  Step into this mastery.  Live it.  Be the hero of your life’s story.  And remember to take the time to ride the silvery moonbeams as they sail past you in the cool night sky.  Lie down in the green pastures of your youth and enjoy the soft earth beneath your body.

You are already everything you need.  You are already the apple of my eye.  You are already the most perfect human being ever to live.

From here on out, it’s all about giving yourself exactly what it is that brings YOU the most joy.  Give to yourself that which you love, that which deep down you know you deserve.

The gift of your heart is the seed for a thousand orchards that will flower and bear fruit in the years to come.

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I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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5 Responses to Please Give

  1. Jackie Richmond says:

    Thank you for this amazing and inspiring post. I, too, know that in life there are no accidents; and I have come to accept that based on experience. When I “feel” that I recognize something or someone I have never seen before in this life–yet know all too well–I’m reminded of that fact. Please continue to write and speak your truth to help usher the rest of us on our sacred journeys. Namaste

  2. Suki says:

    LOVE your words. love you. thank you xo

  3. This is so poetic and beautifully written! I love it, and I’m already inspired (Monika too, she’s sitting next to me as I read this out loud to her). Keep writing and keep flowing, sweet river of mine 🙂

  4. Val Sprott says:

    Your ‘please give’ post is so moving and I shall refer to it many times in the future. Our meeting was obviously no accident! Thank you for being here at this time.

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