The Ultimate


Moving slowly,
so slowly,
like a drop of cool honey
on my soft skin

Feminine, femininity,
and grace flowing
fully, freely

Integrating wholeness,
both and neither,
and either/or becomes a simple “yes.”

Albert Einstein said that
when the solution is simple,
God is speaking, and I feel
the truth in this…

Lightening has just begun to flash outside my window,
and the rain has begun to fall,
and this too reminds me
that everything can (and does!)
change in an instant…

This is exactly the kind of rain
that we’ve been needing…
the slow kind with the big soft drops
falling through the hot summer air
to the parched earth

As it falls, it sings a lullaby to me
and I’m softened and soothed
by Nature’s gift of nourishment
on this quiet new moon evening

There’s a quality that I’m feeling,
and it’s integrated humility…
again and again, life invites me
into a space of deep prayer,
and here I stay conscious & present
to the miracles all around me

Miracle consciousness is the state
in which I live now,
and this awareness brings great gifts
as well as infinite joy & appreciation

Lucidity, ever increasing ebb & flow
of this stunning, striking clarity
informs my senses and my
subconscious simultaneously

And I’m increasingly aware
of this life unfolding perfectly…
breathe in, breathe out,
and live in your body,
not in your mind

And live in a bounty of
enoughness, of overflowing abundance
and delicious overflowing love…

And I’m trusting the slowness
too now…or what I perceive
as slowness anyway…
this too is God’s perfection
and I embrace it as part of me

Timing is everything,
and Nature knows best…

My mind would like to think it knows,
but the divine perfection is
so much larger than
its capacity for comprehension

So it’s time for deep surrender
to God’s plan

I have such strong “deserving power”
a friend once said to me,
a friend who also reminds me
continually that I’m a queen

And this queen that I am
certainly does deserve the
very best…this same friend also
told me that I deserve “the ultimate.”

This too I embrace as my truth,
and amazingly this deservingness
is coming from a space of
gratitude…and humble,
humble humility, because
life has been constantly
reminding me…teaching
all these lessons
that bring me to my knees

So this space from which I
manifest is pure and simple
and humble…this space
into which I draw everything I need
is fully charged
with both diamonds and God’s grace

And my pen keeps moving,
and my words keep flowing,
and the songs keep coming through me

Day after day after day, I create.

And the muse is always with me now,
she never leaves, she always stays
and the deepest knowingness
inside of me is asking for
emergence and prays to be

So I share what I can
And keep the flow flowing through

Delighted & inspired,
and reuniting with my tribe
of diamond hearted brothers & sisters

Around the globe, we thrive.


About erinpillman

I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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5 Responses to The Ultimate

  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous and true! I am a recovering alcoholic who is just learning what you already know. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Jackie Richmond says:

    I just read your words at the end of my work day. Because of their clarity, simplicity, and magnificent truth, I will certainly read these over and over again. I’m especially grateful that you shared the phrase “miracle consciousness,” which I so need right now as I walk through a difficult life journey with my daughter. God always gives you what you need when you need it. Thanks for sharing the gift of yourself, pouring gently through your words.

    • erinpillman says:

      WOW, thank you, Jackie! I am so glad that you enjoyed my post so much and I agree that yes, God always gives us what we need! Many Blessings to You… ♥

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