The Pathless Path

Erin Yamuna










Truly there is no single way,
No logical steps,
No laid out stones to show me where to go

Surely there is only eternity
Stretching out before me,
Leading me home

Nothing ever has been,
Can be,
Ever will be
For sure 
Except the will of God

And I am completely at the mercy of Her plan for me,
And this is a great blessing
Because only She knows the best way for me to go,
The best friends & family with whom to journey,
The best situations to help me grow,
And the best fulfillment of destiny for me this lifetime

In the end, it’s only Her,
And in the beginning and the middle, too,
So how very, very blessed we are to be on this journey,
To travel this road,
To walk this pathless path

How incredibly lucky I am
To have this opportunity
To exist in this body
On this planet
In this moment in time

How wildly grateful I can feel
When the tears dry from my face
And the doubts subside
Long enough for me to see the magnificent blessing
That is this life
And all that this embodies
And how it expands
From here until forever always

My heart is breaking
Again and again
All day long
Tears flowing
For so many reasons

And somehow I am learning
By the grace of God
To simply allow this life to live me,
To trust that God is in control

God knows best
And I can relax and let the flow flow

Nothing can go wrong
Because it’s all divinity,
And only perfection can exist,
Even though I may perceive otherwise

How can I grow strong enough in my faith
To be able to say “THANK YOU” for everything?

How can I surrender my life to GOD?

To the Most High,
To the Supreme Friend,
The Source of All,
The Knower of All,
Who knows me completely
And also cares for me completely,
Watching over me in every moment
And loving me perfectly,
As only God can love me.

Step by step,
Footprints in the sand,
My attention on God always,
I move forward with great reverence
On this pathless path.

About erinpillman

I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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3 Responses to The Pathless Path

  1. Nancy Bellmer says:

    Beautiful and deeply inspiring.

  2. Christine says:

    She and you are one. Therefore, step boldly forward.

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