Dreams Become Memories


Dreams become memories,

and the lines are fading

between here and there…


Life’s ephemeral nature is visible

I see it rise & fall

Life is illusion, but so believable


As the dreamer becomes aware

that she is dreaming,

everything changes…lucidity  


The boundaries dissolve

and the dreamer breathes deeply

inhale, exhale

and our dear dreaming traveler remains steady


The mystery keeps her secretswell…

revealing only what the dreamer needs to know

moment by moment


Mystical, fluid, velvety darkness

Heart beats tenderly and bravely

As she explores all this


Blue colors the mystery

with her many hues and moods


There’s a bright, shining sun as well

oranges & reds with stories to tell

but it’s the coolness of the moon

that soothes our dreamer


Journeying slowly at times,

and other times racing

through the forest, trees

flying by as if this

hallucination were hurrying

to arrive more quickly

at some undetermined destination


Turning, twisting path,

unpredictable & exciting,

flame of curiosity well lit and ever

inspiring, keeping her warm always


Uncertainty expands possibility

And she holds her desires

Lovingly, lightly


These dreams will one day

become memories, and so she

maintains perspective while

losing herself completely


And remembering and forgetting,

on and on,

lost and then found,

her dreams strengthen her

and cultivate a deep longing to return to her true home


For you see…

the illusion of this separation

propels her forward

with the back & forth

contraction / expansion

of the pulsing dream beat

of her aching heart   


Unfulfilled by the material life she lives,

she yearns for depth and she prays for this…

that she may remain ever connected

and appreciate this (surreal) life

for the gift that it is


© 2017 Erin Pillman

About erinpillman

I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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