The Promise

Walking in the Light  .jpg

The echoes of distant days

still send ripples through my

memory and blood.


Seeds are sprouting,

but all the while death lingers, 

fully present, even in the 

height of spring’s blossom.


At the edge of darkness,

tree lines open, gaping, 

swallow fields of clouds.


But be calm, my child.


This jagged tree line 

is of no threat to your soft flesh, 

your tender heart,

or the silence of prayer 

that you bathe in each evening.


And please know, too, that 

the tension within you is 

the highest gift for your  

path of learning 

through the pains of stardust

condensed into a pressure of spirit 

too great for your earthly body.  


These times call 

for extraordinary courage and the 

boldest of heartedness.


So find a way to keep moving forward,

despite the stones in the road

too large to move, 

and despite all the scars that still refuse to heal.


Soon the glory of sunshine 

will rise in the east,

and so much of what has happened 

will be like a dream 

that’s already nearly faded 

when you wake up in the morning.


And the stories 

that you used to tell  

will fall away completely.

Even as you reach for them, 

they are no longer there.


Because of the bravery 

of your heart’s compassion,

the world is born anew.


And thus, the harshness softens 

and the slow dripping honey hits your tongue,

as you taste the sweetness of freedom.


© 2018 Erin Pillman

About erinpillman

I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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