Fuchsia Rose Glowing

Petals tremble

in the dust

of all the crumbling

and the quaking of souls

who despair in this black night


What remains here

which is good, and holy, and true?

What glimmering reflection

can my mind

take refuge in?


Surely the ground of being

remains, unchanged

And the wave that I am

is still part of this

great ocean


For we are all made of water.

Let us remember this

as we call out

to the one we name “God”

for we are all

made of this same substance


If I am a wave,

then God is water

and I can rest

in this knowing,

and surrender all fears


For the wave

and the water

can never be separate

and when I touch

this wellspring

of pure life

with my awareness,

I touch freedom


This refreshment

from the living water

is the lifeblood

of all that I

have come here to be


And fortified by

my connection

with this deepest truth

I walk in the light.


© 2018 Erin Pillman



About erinpillman

I Am ~ Yogini, Writer, Earth Lover, Songstress, Poet, Global Citizen
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