Wellspring Listening

Water in Lago di Tovel in Italy by Cristina Gottardi UNUSED

Wellspring Listening is a service provided by Erin Pillman.

Click here to visit my Wellspring Listening site.

Because sometimes we all just need…

  • A listening ear
  • To be seen/heard
  • To talk something through
  • To bounce ideas off someone
  • To be asked the right questions so our own inner wisdom can be invited to speak

You will connect with Erin by phone.

In your session, she will provide a listening ear and compassionate heart, and a safe space in which you can express yourself freely and fully.

In your session, Erin will primarily listen, and will also ask some questions and offer a few insights in order to guide the conversation.

Everything you share with her during the session will be held in the strictest of confidence.

And at the end of the session, Erin will sing a personalized, improvisational song for you.